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Odoo 16 vs Odoo 17: The New Features

Difference Between Odoo 16 and Odoo 17: The New Features

In the field of innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP), Odoo stands as the highest level of sophistication and efficiency. Odoo is a powerful and fully integrated suite of business applications designed to simplify and streamline every aspect of the organizational process. Let's Look at the main difference between Odoo 16 and Odoo 17 and check out the new features that Odoo ERP 17 is providing. 

Odoo ERP is not just a software solution; It is an investment in efficiency. With Odoo, businesses gain a competitive edge by using advanced tools that redefine operations, performance and growth.

Odoo, open business management software is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses around the world. With each new version, Odoo comes with enhancements, features, and apps that empower organizations to streamline their operations and increase productivity. We will explore the new features of Odoo v17 in this blog post and compare them with those of Odoo 16, the previous version.

New’s in Odoo 17

🚀User Interface (UI):
  • Experience the wow factor with Odoo 17! marked by a modern and intuitive design. The designed interface ensures an improved user navigation, and provides an overall improved experience.
💨Optimized Performance:
  • Say goodbye to waiting times! Odoo 17 has turbocharged performance, ensuring swift operations and responsive operations. Experience a new era of efficiency in your workflow.
📱 Mobile Responsiveness:
  • Wherever you go, Odoo goes! With improved mobile responsiveness, manage your ERP system effortlessly on your mobile device. Empowering flexibility right at your fingertips.
🛍️ Seamless Amazon Connector:

Connect seamlessly! Odoo 17 makes your e-commerce game stronger with Amazon Connector. The Amazon Connector in Odoo 17 simplifies product listings, order management, and inventory synchronization.

🍔 Kitchen Display Module:

Cook up efficiency! Perfect for the hospitality industry, Odoo 17's Kitchen Display module optimizes order processing and communication in the kitchen. Improve coordination and efficiency in food preparation.

📱 WhatsApp Integration:

Stay close, communicate smart! Odoo 17 integrates with WhatsApp for efficient customer engagement and support. Connect with your audience seamlessly.

📊Advanced Reporting and Analytics: 

Get ready for some ‘aha’ moments! Odoo 17’s advanced reporting tools make data exciting. It’s like turning your numbers into a visual story for smarter decisions.

🏭 Shop Floor App:

Introducing the Shop Floor App, a new addition to Odoo 17 that streamlines floor management processes. Enhance efficiency in production and manufacturing with features tailored for shop floor operations.

🗒️Notes becomes To-Do:

Out with Notes, in with To-Do! Odoo 17 revolutionizes task management, bringing you an organized and efficient way to handle your to-dos.

Things to consider before migrating to new version : Odoo Migration Guide

Odoo 16 Vs Odoo 17: The Improved Features


Odoo 17

Odoo 16


- Improved lead monitoring and communication through an upgraded CRM

- Sophisticated forecasting and analytics tools for sales

- Basic CRM functionalities

- Management of quotes and sales orders  


- Better warehouse management through recommendations powered by AI

- RFID integration for real-time tracking and traceability

- Inventory management

- Basic tracking of stock movements


-Enhanced financial reporting and budgeting

- Automated bank reconciliation and improved tax management

- Basic accounting features

- Invoicing and billing

Human Resources(HR)

- Advanced HR analytics and employee performance tracking

- Integration with recruitment tools and employee self-service

- Employee database and basic HR functions

- Leave management


- Improved MRP with AI-driven demand forecasting

- Quality control and better integration with the supply chain

- Basic production planning and control

- Bill of Materials (BoM)

Website Builder

- Enhanced website builder with more customization options

- Improved SEO features and mobile responsiveness

- Basic website creation tools

- E-commerce integration


- Integrated chatbot for customer support within the store

- Improved product recommendations and customer profiling

- Online store functionalities

- Payment gateway integration

Purchase Management

- Advanced supplier management with automated purchase suggestions

- Integration with inventory for real-time stock updates

-Purchase order creation and tracking

- Receiving and invoicing

Project Management

- Improved project planning with Gantt charts and resource allocation

- Collaboration tools for real-time project communication

- Task and project tracking

- Timesheet management

Fleet Management

- Predictive maintenance scheduling and fuel consumption tracking

- Integration with accounting for expense tracking

- Vehicle tracking and maintenance

- Driver management

Point of Sale(POS)

-Enhanced POS system with offline mode and advanced reporting

- Customer loyalty program and integrated e-commerce POS

- In-store sales and inventory management

- Integrated payment processing


In the ongoing evolution of Odoo 17, enterprises stand poised to optimize their operational dynamics. The incorporation of these new features offers a strategic avenue for businesses to augment efficiency, elevate productivity, and fortify their competitive standing.

Connect with us for all your queries related to Odoo 17, our Odoo experts are always available for your assistance.

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